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The effective and efficient utilization of Blockchain and Internet of Things technology

About us

Positioning Statement

For [Greek and European citizens and internationally] who[need for their everyday’s actions and activities to be safe, convenient and affordable][NewCo]provides[efficient and effective utilization of the blockchain and Internet of Thing technology] because  [it can combine the knowledge and the accumulated experience with the innovation required[for the development in the globalized exponential era].


Our vision is the emergence of trust as one of the key factors of production. .
Everyday actions and activities gain security, convenience and delivered at competitive cost.


The effective and efficient use of blockchain and Internet of Things technology..
Combining knowledge, experience with the innovation required in today's internationalized and exponent age.


Our Philosophy

Our products

E-health Solution (Tap2SOS)

Blockchain Certificates

Smart shielding

NewCo - Tap2SOS - Leaflet - Gr - V0-85

Wristband Tap2sos

Using a smart phone and with the security and protection of Blockchain technology, a patient's critical medical data is instantly retrieved from another person (relative, paramedic, etc.), securely (COTIC)

NewCo - Smart Cities - Leaflet - Gr - V0-84 - reduced

Blockchain Certificates

Certification of digital documents of any kind, especially those with legal or financial value. Using blockchain and cryptography technologies.

NewCo - Smart Shielding - Leaflet - Gr - V0-82

Smart Shielding

Provision and activation services of smart shields applied to the energy meters, supply companies in the logistics sector with the aim of preventing access by third parties and ensuring the integrity of energy meters and containers with the security and protection of Blockchain technology.


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